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In the mid 1990s, OECD organized the Cluster Focus Group and analyzed each country’s industry clusters.
Discovery businesses and policies, and provide consultation continuously by operating the「Gyeongbuk FOCUS
   GROUP」 composed of researchers, professors, local government officers and local industry experts in order to
   create the hybrid cluster early.
The「Gyeongbuk FOCUS GROUP」proposes the hybrid cluster-centered industrial relation plans, creates various
   proper businesses, and advises on decision regarding the direction of future industrial development and policy.
Propose plans to invite research centers of domestic and international star or global companies in the cluster,
   and provide advices on organizing the TFT(Task Force Team) for it.
Establishment of plan, colleting analyzed data, and invitation proposal through an international consultation
   agency are needed in order to invite international companies.
Provide advices on organizing a optimal investment invitation team.

Forum for people related to technology.
Hold meetings led by the institute regularly for senior staffs of local automotive and mechanical components
Promote technology information sharing and create a collaborative atmosphere through meetings, such as the
   symposium on injection molding and the symposium on press forming.
Support filing applications and registrations of industrial property rights jointly owned by several companies by
   technology information sharing, such as holding a seminar featuring an expert in industrial property rights and
   forum members, and promote creation of high value added intangible properties jointly owned by several

Symposium on collaboration between researchers and businessmen.
Researchers and businessmen hold a 2-3 day symposium, present research results, and discuss how to
    improve the mutual network.
Researchers and businessmen present a proposal about technology with high business possibility to
   businessmen, investors and providers together.
CEOs of companies introduce various experience in running companies, such as difficulties to secure funds, to
   universities and researchers.
Researchers can have an opportunity to understand complication of technology commercialization and problems
   in the symposium.